Congratulations on making the decision to sell your home. We are looking forward to working with you and guiding you through the process. This document is used as a reference when you have a question, but as always, feel free to call or text us if something comes up.

  • First, we will schedule a time to have our photographer take photos—he is incredible. We highly suggest clearing out rooms of excessive personal items, large furniture, and wall décor. Remember to open all blinds or shades, and turn on every light and replace inoperative light bulbs if necessary. If you feel as if your house could use some staging prior to photos, please let us know and we can chat about our staging services.

  • We will send  you a property disclosure form for you to complete about your home. Please call with any questions regarding this document. While it is not required, we strongly encourage providing this to your buyer to ensure transparency and good will. 

  • Next, we will publish your photos and share your home on the Pueblo multi listing service (the MLS), as well as advertise through our various marketing channels.

  • We will contact you about showings as they are requested. It is very important that you respond to us as soon as you are able so we can ensure that all interested buyers are able to see your home. If you would like to streamline your showings over the course of a weekend, this allows you the option of planning a day(s) of outings away from home in order to provide back-to-back showings if necessary.

  • In this market, there have been situations where we have multiple offer situations on most of our homes. If this is the case, we will plan a day and a time to go through all of the offers that we have received at once so you are able to compare and go through each offer. 

  • Once you select an offer that fits with your goals, we are officially under contract! 

  • We will now share the property disclosure you completed, as well as some other disclosures with the buyers that will all require your signature.

  • Additionally, a home inspection will be scheduled (this is the buyer’s responsibility). An inspector will go through your home to determine, what if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. 

  • In preparing for a home inspection, please make sure all areas of the home are accessible to the home inspector. 

  • After the home inspection, the buyer will send over an inspection objection that lists what items they are requesting be repaired, replaced, or given credit for. We will go through that together and send the buyer an inspection resolution. 

  • An inspection resolution details the repairs, replacements, or credits you have agreed to extend to the buyers. Any repairs that must be made, need to be made prior to closing unless otherwise agreed upon in a formal contract. 

  • After the inspection resolution, an appraisal will be scheduled. 

  • To prepare for the appraisal—please make sure all areas of your home are accessible to the appraiser.

  • After the appraisal is completed, and negotiated, we will be on our way to closing. 

  • Three days prior to closing, you will receive a document called a settlement statement. This gives a very detailed breakdown of what you will net at closing. If there is anything on the settlement statement that needs to be added or corrected, please call us!

  • The last step is closing day. Please bring all keys and garage door openers to closing.

Additional provisions as they relate to the sale of your home: 

After 1 week on the market, we will discuss scheduling an open house if needed. 

After 2 weeks on the market, we will discuss a price reduction if needed. 

After 3 weeks on the market, we will sit down and develop an additional strategy.​